It's gettng cold now!

I love winter, it's may favorite time of year. I love the biting feel of the wind on your face as you walk outside. That difference between the warmth of your body and the chill on your face and ears. It truly makes you feel alive.

The only one thing I don't like about winter is all the hot boys are fully rugged up, so the eye candy is well hidden :)
I love walking the puppy in the cold, for one it means that you don't end up all sweaty and hot and bothered (not of course that there is anything wrong with being all hot and sweaty). But you can really feel the weather.
A few years back the boy and I went to Finland in the dead of winter to visit friends *Hi Virpi Happy Birthday*, as the plane landed in Oulu in Northern Finland I warned the boy to rug everything up for the walk between the aircraft and the terminal.

The fact that the locals were all piling on three and four layers of clothes including scarves, gloves, beanies etc should have been a total giveaway to him.

So they opened the door of the aircraft and the cold air came in, or more correctly most things were snap frozen. It was minus 45 centigrade that night, and my poor boy almost froze his proverbials off in the 100 metre dash to the terminal.

It was a shock to my system but I loved it!