I am not generally easily offended by people and I have a pretty thick skin. Or let me re-phrase that, I am not generally offended by people I do not know.

However when a good friend does something exceptionally tactless or rude I can be very offended.

And let me say right off, I am offended.

In this case a good friend said something to me that has left me quite offended and more than a little pissed off.

I am not going to talk about what was said, because that's not relevant. What's relevant and offended me so badly was the way this was said and the way I was made to feel. The delivery was clumsy and done with pretend embarrassment.

This friend has had more than their fair share of ups and downs the last few years. At times I have dropped everything to help this friend out or to just babysit them through some shit. But that's what good friends do right!
Yes I am offended and I am having a very emotional response to this which could be considered to be over the top.

I know that this friend is not the most open or honest person and will often mislead friends. More than once I have taken him to task on outright lies that were said to my face, and we are not talking about small ones either.
I am in a quandary really, I am deeply offended by what was said, but I am not sure that he would understand if I tried to explain why, as he would think it was about what was said (which was offensive in itself but not the point) and not the situation.
Partially this is about a lead up of things that have been said and done over a longer period and I think that I am reacting to them all with this friend. I think unfortunately when you can't be honest with a friend and or you start to mis trust what they say there are problems and the friendship that goes from close friend to friend to acquaintance.