Sebastien Gacond is not gay

Sebastien Gacond
28 year old Triathlete Sebastien Gacond is not gay and he has requested the website Outsports remove his picture from their website. The article is here and the source of my interest was from Brenton
Sebastien says he is not gay and has nothing against gay people, but he doesn't want to have either his picture or his name on any gay website.
The search engines return search results with his name linked in gay websites and he does not like that it would seem.
Well mate the Internet is a great place, and unfortunately by starting this story he is going to fan thousands of news articles and blogs where we talk about this issue.
Sebastien, be proud of the fact that as a straight man the gay community can look to you as being particularly hot! If I were you I would do some sort of community service for the gay community quickly before you become known as an anti-gay bigot!