Annoying Blogger Problems

I am having real problems with getting blogger to publish my blog and upload images at the moment.

It's beginning to annoy the crap out of me actually!


the whole car issue is quite high in my mind, well as high in my mind that anything other than the truckloads of work I have on.

The boy likes the idea of a nice sexy MX5, I of course like the idea but wonder whether I should be much More environmentally friendly and go for the Smart Fourtwo Cabrio?

But since the boy is already an environmental terrorist and basically needs a petrol tanker following the car around jut to do long drive, I am not sure that a Smart is really any better then an MX5.

But it's not even really going to be an issue for a while anyway as we 'budget' (have you noticed I have used this word a few times of late?

It's a bit like Hugh Grant's Character in Two Weeks Notice saying 'when I mean poor we will have to share a helicopter with another family'.

Now we DO NOT have a helicopter and can't possibly afford one unless it's one of those cute tiny remote control ones, I just like the line from the movie.

I still haven't been to the gym yet, I want to go but by the time I am even half way through my day's To Do List it's past eight at night and I am exhausted.

Maybe next week when I am caught up again, it can't be this weekend because we are off to Rugger Bugger on Saturday night to support Army Boy who is heading off to Ireland to play with the Sydney Convicts in the Bingham Cup.

So it's of to work I go for the final day of the week.

Let's hope I get lots of done and sell lot's of Boxes!