Excellent article on the recent Ban on Same Sex Partners at school formals

I found great opinion piece in The Age looked at the recent decision by the Brisbane Church of Grammar Schools decision to ban same sex partners at the school formal.

The article states:

'Look, it's fine if you're gay, as long as you don't do anything about it like having a gay relationship or express how you feel that way'."

I was fascinated, yes I do believe that the school has the legal right to ban same sex partners if they so wish, but I do not believe they have the moral right.

Times are changing and guys and girls are coming out much earlier. I do believe that it is a school's moral responsibility to be supportive of the coming out process, and as the article suggested it's a passive aggressive move by the school to say on the one it's fine to be gay but on the other don't do what's normal for you either.

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