getting a bit peeved

I am starting to get a bit peeved.

Ever since the enlightenment that I need to get a car I have had friends tell me what I should be getting or basically telling me that I am wrong to not want the sensible car.

I don't mind people suggesting cool cars that might be appropriate, but trying to basically tell me I am being silly by wanting my own convertible and telling me I should get a nice 'sensible car' is starting to get on my nerves.

Drop it and let me choose what car is appropriate for me, I realise you are well meaning, but i do not want to feel like I am being made to drive the sensible mum's car while the boy drives something hot and sexy...

I at the very least want something that I think is sexy, and is only about one 7th of the price anyway!

I love the friends that are telling me, but it's a hell of a huge pyscholgical issue much more than practicality.