I love Fedex

I love Fedex, I am tracking my screenprints every few hours and imagining them sitting on the back of an MD-11 as they race across the sky.

(Am I getting just too obsessed?)

Mind you by the time I actually get them I will probably be over the whole thing hehehehe..

I have had another friend express an interest in another one of them which means I could now have only 4 more to sell. I think however I might hold on to them for a while and see what a couple of galleries etc would pay for them framed and unframed.

I had a really weird experience at work yesterday, I was pretty much insulted twice by a client sitting not a metre in front of me in the office. It was truly bizarre and if it had been anyone other than a client who was actually paying their bills, I would have thrown them out (and have thrown people out before for similar).

Anyway it's hump day and I am sitting here still at home at almost eight 8am writing this and annotating my To Do List for the day.

After last weeks huge deadlines and stress and then Monday's mad scramble to complete an overdue project this week is quieter and hopefully will allow me to finish a small project that has been on the back burner for a couple of weeks.

I am also hoping to finally getting back to some development work on a strategic project that has been in progress for the last six months.

The eye Candy is frm Fratpad, I just can't get enough of these hotties!

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