It's going tobe a busy week

I have a huge week coming up of work and I am so not looking forward to it.

My largest client will be counting the cost of their intermittent credit card failure over the last few days and I will be asked to provide them with an alternate solution. And knowing the client the solution will need to be done 'last week'.

Another client expects a hug deliverable to be complete today, and providing that I do not get distracted with other clients calling or having emergencies I should be able to get the majority of what they want complete by the end of the day

Then the rest of the week is full of meetings and stuff that should have been completed last week but got pushed aside with the credit card failure issue.
I have still got the damn congestions but I daresay I need to actually slow down a bit and stop working hard all day, going out for dinners and then not sleeping at night, so this week might be a much much quietr week for me socially.

The good thing is the strategic stuff is progressing even without my constant pressure. The new junior is doing a fantastic job on one really important aspect of the strategy for me. I just need to get a few more people on the strategy and then get me some time to focus on it as well
So off to start a week!
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