A real post not just pictures

It's been a really busy week, month, year so far.

The Warhols have been a hugely fun diversion from work and I have now sold 4 of them which means I only have three more to sell

If anyone would like to buy a Sunday B Morning screen print of Marilyn Monroe get in contact with me.

I am pretty amazed actually at the whole experience and the fact that I have essentially covered my costs by selling the four, but I will need to concentrate and sell the final three to make myself a profit and perhaps buy some new art?

Margeaux who has bought the gorgeous black / grey one did make a comment about my art collecting being far more organic and personal than my original 'I would like" list...

Anyway enough of Art LOL.

The puppy is getting better and even has the cone of silence off now as she has stopped chewing at her back paw. She still has another ten days or so on the antibiotics and anti-histamines but we are hoping that much of the problem with her paw will go away.

Work is really full on this year, more so than ever before, but I feel that I am moving forward now and not either just treading water or trying to catch up.

The whole six month plan that I put in place last year has been blown out by about 6 months... And I am in the process of re-working the strategy anyway to take advantage of the changes.

But all in all I am still moving towards the end goals that I set in place last year.

I am very excited because in the coming weeks I am back to focusing on some strategic stuff that I have not been able to get done due to the piles and piles of work that I have been trying to get through.

When people talk about 'turning a corner' I can really relate to that concept right now. I feel like I am just on the edge of that corner. I can see the street and I am just pivoting around, not quite there yet, but definitely moving around.

The down side of working so hard has been a consistent lack of quality sleep, I am not stressed per se, but I have huge amounts of stuff on my mind, stuff like planning lists, doing work etc, not stressful stuff just a mind that is busy.

The problem with bad sleep patterns means I have had a head cold on and off and have not been getting to the gym more than a couple of times in the last few months.

It's silly because I know that exercise is exactly what my body and mind need right now, but when you feel even slightly under the weather (allergies included) the last thing you feel like doing is going to the gym right?

However I can feel myself getting, older, flabbier and less and less in shape.

At least I walk everywhere so I am getting some exercise but not the exercise I need.

It just occurred to me that as busy as I am I am less obsessed about my body shape which is both a good and bad thing.

I need to find a better balance between everything, or find a way to be in three or four places at once...

So there is a huge wrap up instead of the constant stream of hot boys and obsessive art posts.

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