Rude Clients

I had one of those surreal client experiences the other day where I was insulted repeatably.

We had just finished this particular client's project and I went to their offices to train them on our software.

The guy that employed us was one of the other partners in the business and he has since retired from day to day operations, so I was training the other partner and a couple of his staff.

From the moment I walked in I felt uncomfortable, I was already tired from the second night of not sleeping from trying melatonin instead of sleeping tablets or ativan. So I was not in the best of moods.

But it got worse.

This client has dragged on for get this 18 months, mainly because the partner I was meeting today controls every par of his business and does not allow his staff to make any decision no matter how minimal.

The morning started with him telling the 'girl' to go get coffee and then making a comment about her being the only girl in the office and getting coffee was about all she was good for.

Then it started on football something I know little about (or have much interest). They were wanting the colour of something to be Bulldog blue and I had no idea what they were talking about and asked them to show me.

At this point the snide comments and asides started and it was one thinly veiled homophobic joke after another.

I finsihed the training as quickly as I could and left, if they had already paid their final bill I think I would have just packed up and left and told them to stuff it, but we have done the work and I want the money!


Mind you they were so focused on being homophobic I don't think the actually paid attention anyway and they aint getting their emails or phone call answered!