This is MATTHEW MITCHAM an Out Australia Olympic Diver

I have met Matthew a couple of times with his boyfriend Lachlan who are good friends of some other friends.

Matthew has just come out to the media as the first openly Gay Australian Olympic Athlete! And the article is published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

All I can say is wow, congratulations on coming out so publicly, it's an amazing thing to do! There have been lots of gay athletes but in the past they have chosen to keep their sexuality out of the media (although their friends and coaches of course knew).

And gay divers are not such a far fetched idea with the US Olympic medalist Greg Louganis who came out publicly after his diving career was over.

So Matthew is seeking financial assistance for Lachlan is partner of several years to go with him to Beijing to watch him compete, so I suppose any media is good media for this to happen, so if you have a blog write about Matthew too, the more the better!

Good luck Matthew!

Oh and he is a bit of a sexy boy!