Do you remember this face?

Do you remember this face?

His name is Matt Leveson and he went missing from Oxford Street in September of 2007. At the time there wasn't a lot of publicity, just another gay guy missing for a while, but he has never turned up.

His car was found dumped out in the Cronulla area after having been partying at Arq nightclub.

The fact that he is missing has coincided with the huge explosion in anti gay violence in and around Oxford street serves to mean he most likely has met an untimely end.

You would have thought though that the increase in noise and the the rallies against violence would have helped solved the problem. Sure the local police are now 'taking down details' or violent homophobic crime around the area.

But they sure aren't stopping it.

A young guy in our apartment building was beaten savagely by some yobs on Saturday night on Oxford street.

As we drove down the strip last Saturday night all I could see was drunk, aggressive straight boys milling around with girls sitting in the gutters puking their guts up.

Oxford street has become a mess, the straight clubs and aggressive young straight males are intimidating gay guys from wanting to even come out on oxford street. Why would you want to wade yourself though the aggressive people who call out at you and potentially get gay bashed?

The police aren't doing anything, they are focusing on arresting clubbers with small amounts of drugs and focusing on the monumental effort of World Youth Day.

Let's not forget Matt Leveson and let's not forget that we as a community have / had a choice and the choice is fast disappearing.

Give it another few years and there will be no gay bars left on Oxford street, and what was once the heart and soul of the gay community and a leading light across the world for gay communities will be gone never to appear again.