I think we are getting ridiculous

In Australia the definition of binge drinking has now been changed to be:

more than four standard drinks a day is binge drinking.

What the hell?

We like to share a bottle of wine most nights with dinner and that's about 3.5 standard glasses each, and maybe before that a Vodka Lime & Soda (Diet tonic) for the boy. That's probably about 1.5 standard drinks in real terms.

So according to the new standards being suggested by the Government we are both 'binge' drinkers.

That also means my parents are binge drinkers, the boy's parents and virtually everyone I know.

This government is starting to become a bunch of wowsers, the reaction to Henson and now the mothering on alcohol. What's next? Walking is dangerous?

Or how bout thinking about naughty things is wrong!