A Question on a Wednesday Morning...

There seems to be a growing environmental movement worldwide with poses a contradictory or 'inconvenient' theory.

To address global warming which is potentially the downfall of the planet we must embrace Nuclear power.

I am a walking contradiction when it comes to the environment, in many ways I feel that a lot of the work has to be done by business and government, but at the same token I do believe the old mantra think global act local.

But Nuclear power just plain scares me. The problem I have with it is that one small minor accident can render thousands of square kilometres uninhabitable. And accidents do happen, it's just a fact of life.

Anyway are we just burying our head in the sand by not embracing Nuclear power now while we still have time to build plants? Cause they take ten years at least to build not including quite often the years and years of public consultation.

Australia of course is rich in uranium deposits, in fact we have one of the world's largest natural deposits yet all we do with it is dig it out of the ground and send it overseas.

Oil is running out, Coal is running out, Bio Fuels take food away from people Solar is expensive and dirty to create and not overly practical with current technology.

So what else is there?