and so it begins...

2.4 million dollars extra was spent by the State Governmnet on installing unwanted showers and toilets for pilgrims for WYD because the Church did not tell the government that far less pilgrims were arriving until a month before.

Not just 20.4 million dollars was wasted, but the toilets and showers are only temporary and need to be removed!

A spokesperseon for the Church said in response:

The event went fine; I don't know why you want to focus on all the negatives

The reason we are focusing on the 'negatives' is because the Catholic Church earns in Australian about 18 Billion dollars a year tax free, and we the tax payers have shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars or this event!

I suppose it's a bit like the WYD spokesperson telling the media that sex abuse victims were crankily dwelling on the past!