Busy Week

I am indeed alive and kicking.

Th office move has happened and I am almost fully decorated too!

This afternoon I will have the lightweight panels for the wall created and tomorrow will have them installed.

Then about the only thing left are the screens between the desks for the staff.

It's great working in an environment which is so nice, modern and groovy.

I had a client pop in today for a meeting and they thought the office was fantastic (even if the internal walls were just poles).

The building has at least two other dogs who come to work most days and Lucy has been making friends left right and centre!

In fact one girl pops up every day and 'borrows' Lucy so her dog and Lucy can play for an hour.

Now that's what I call service!

I am in the mode of just wanting to relax and do nothing after leaving the office, but there is just SO much on my to do lists that I have to get it all done.

With the growing credit crisis and slow down of the economy I am worried about how my little small business will go.

Hopefully through all the new products and product strategies we will be in a good position to capture the market that needs to be more cost effective.

Anyway I am finally off to join a gym after Gold's closed down at the end of last month and do a very light workout for the first time in over three months!