The horror of it all

Today we went to Ikea for the second time in probably 5 years to look at desks and tables for my new office.

I now remember why the last time I went there I said I would never go again.

The ugly ugly ugly people, and so many of them it's insane, and the total crap that is in that place, if that's not an environmental disaster I have no idea what is.

Yeah sure I know they are one of the most ecologically friendly manufacturing companies (they use recycled products, use farmed timber etc. But that's all well and good but the entire store is just one big bargain basement of stuff you don't really need.

The 1 dollar bargains like candles, hangers, glasses, T towels etc sure they are useful, but only if you actually need them!

Not surprisingly we didn't buy anything and it looks like I will be moving into the new office with virtually only the furniture we have now and none of the new desks for people or meeting room stuff.

It's not a bad thing per se, but at the very least I don't want to be sharing my desk with anyone while we choose new desking solutions.

I am hoping that some time this week we will do the move as well, the new telephone is connected just waiting for the Internet to be connected and then we will do the move.

Totally unrelated I saw this cool use of an Italla vase as a fish bowl, cute huh?

And I was reminded that I wanted a fish again (when we went to replace the last fish we came home with the beagle) but I am not sure I could be bothered cleaning a fish bowl as it's a lot of work!
You can see more of the ittala bowl with fish over at Apartment Therapy.
Just as I was writing this a group of 'Dilgrims" (dumb pilgrims) were just making their way down Oxford street and it TOTALLY set the puppy off.
Their incessant jubilant singing drove the poor pet quite mad and she made her feelings felt by barking at them.
Mind you every time the Pope and his motorcade went by she has been barking her little head off too.
I find it amusing that the dimlgims have been quite disappointed because they have not caught a glimpse of the Pope whereas I have seen him now three times going up and down Oxford street.
I wonder whether he realises he has been going up and down the Mardi Gras route? Probably not but he wouldn't really look all that out of place in what he is wearing.
So there we are at least I have been having fun.

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