Impressions of the iPhone

Yesterday for my Birthday I succumbed and picked up an iPhone.

The wait was bearable, less than 45 minutes in the queue at the Apple store and then I turned to the dark side and picked up my very own iPhone.

It is VERY sexy but it is going to take me a while to get used to the interface etc. And especially going to have to get more proficient with the qwerty keyboard than I am already.

It took me a while to work out why I could not connect to the wireless network at home or int he office, but once I upgraded the firmware on the routers the iPhone just connected like a breeze.

I haven't yet set up the email stuff, I am not convinced yet that I want o do my email on the phone, but I will wait and see.

What I have been doing is setting up APPS like, Twitterific, Shozu etc so I can do things like blog and twitter from the phone easily.

My only one major question at the moment is when I am surfing the web on the iPhone at home or at work when I am connected to my wireless network does it automatically use the wireless network or does it use the 3G?

anyway I am totally in love with it and will have to spend hours and hours playing with my new sexy gadget!