Is it just me?

The announcement this week that electricity prices will rise comes as no real shock to the majority of well educated people.

Electricity production in this country is generated by coal fired power stations.

Coal fire Power Stations release Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is bad for the environment and causes the greenhouse effect.

So to offset this prices will rise and the money will be spent on renewable energy sources, R&D etc.

That all makes sense right?

Well sure it does but Oh My God the whinging in the newspapers by the 'Aussie Battlers' pisses me off.

The family I love to hate the most was a family with five children in outer Sydney who live in a 6 bedroom home, have three large flat screen TVs underfloor heating and reverse cycle air conditioning.

They were complaining that it's the government's fault that they will pay more to heat and cool their house.

Like hello?

5 children?

3 Flat screen TVs?

Get a life people, it's rampant consumerism when you can't actually afford it that's causing half the problem. No where in the article did I read that they have offset their energy bills by swapping to solar hot water heating, nor did I read that perhaps under floor heating and air conditiononing could be turned um OFF or DOWN to save money.

Of course these things cost money to bloody run!

When they built their big ridiculous mcMansion John Howard was still in power giving large amounts of cash to women to have babies and busy selling off Telstra to pay for it all.

Well guess what?

We now accept climate change is real and we know that rampant energy consumption in Australia is a problem.

But please do not complain that it will cost more to heat and cool your inefficient ridiculous house

That's just pathetic!

Or maybe you shoudl have thought about how you were going to support FIVE children!