The office move

The office move has happened yesterday afternoon.

It was funny seeing all the company 'stuff' in boxes waiting to be packed into the truck for the move.

It didn't look all that impressive really, but then I realised the valuable stuff isn't the files of paper, the furniture or the computer equipment.

No it's the intellectual property in the computers and the knowledge in the files.

If needs be the company could be totally virtual with none of the trappings of a normal office, the only required would be computers, access to the Internet and telephones.

The office looks a bit of a tip at the moment but not too bad, we will go off to IKEA tomorrow to get the rest of the furniture.

Yeah I know it's IKEA, but lessons learnt from previous office fit outs are spend as little as you possibly can on the fit out and get the biggest bang for your buck!

Some things like the desk lights and the corbusier chairs and aero chairs are design classics, but the new office pods for staff are just plain white tables grouped together.

I am looking for so,e office partitions that I can have covered in fabric that I like, something more modern and fun like a nice

The only part of the new office fit out that I am really and I mean really unsure of is how to divide the space between my 'office' and the rest of the space. I was going to have one of those big open IKEA square block bookcases.

But with furniture in the office I have decided I don't want to waste the space.

I did find the room dividers on line but they are in the US -

So I need to find a solution that I can install some sort of patterned see through screen to differentiate the spaces.

I will post some pictures when I take them.

It's a bit of a fish bowl right now because one huge long wall out into the atrium is glass and the frosting has not yet been installed so it feels like I am an animal in the zoo (or am I?).

Hopefully most things will come together this weekend!