Rhetoric can say anything!

Now that the dust has settled from World Youth Day we can start to look at the event and the consequences.

The Sydney Chamber of Commerce and World Youth Day Organisers are crowing that the event bought in over 200 Million dollars to the economy.

Whilst the actual stores in the City themsleves are talking about a 10% decrease in business.

The reality is probably a loss why?

Because the majority of the pilgrims were from poorer countries and ad no money to actually spend on normal tourist things, like eating at restaurants, hotels etc.

The event itself was at least 20 - 25% smaller than expected, which says a lot allot about the secular composition of our own country, and reminds us that we are in fact a very diverse country.

But let's not forget the most important legacy from this event.

That is the tacit approval of homophobic violence by people of faith. Yes you read it the even t has tacitly approved and promoted homophobia and violence.

I am still fuming that the idiot dilgrim who attacked a protester was not charged with anything even though it was obvious to anyone that he hit a protester.

On Sunday night as I was wandering down Oxford street and the dilgrims were wandering the other day I got caught between two groups calling out homophobic abuse at the obviously gay boys in the pubs and on the streets.

Direct connection I think between homophobia and the event.

Then the he was not charged sends a strong and clear message to people that you can beat a poofter and you won't get charged if you do it for religous reasons.

But why does the Government think it's OK to promote homophobia?

I don't think that we can ever get equality in this country whilst such large emphasis is placed on an event like this that is not even representative of our country.

We have such a huge and I mean huge way to go to get equality,m especially when our new Prime Minister who I used to have respect for grovelled and cow-towed to the Catholic church.