Why can't it be Friday and all my work is done?

I am having a severe case of I don't want to be doing this today!
I have been stressed out and busy for the last few weeks and this week is no real difference except that this weekend will be the start of my Birthday celebrations.
So much is going on around me at the moment.

Work is hellishly busy and we have unofficially picked up the keys for the new office.
Major stress!

So now I am just waiting for the phone lines and Internet access to be hooked up and we will make the move.
The new office is divine, but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING in there, it's a big empty space with polished concrete floors, exposed concrete and three huge white walls (the others are all glass).

One of the lessons I have learnt from moving offices before, is don't buy anything until you are actually in there. It's OK to have an office that looks like the local jumble sale for a while. We have enough furniture to work and operate for a while or at least until I can work out how to plan out the office.
I have some ideas for the walls already and have two huge art canvases for the side walls, but I think I am going to be bold with that huge big long white wall...
I would have loved to have moved in next week, but it's likely that the phone and Internet connections will not be done till mid week which will clash with the World Youth Day road closures and I won;t be able to get the furniture moved from one office to the other.
So I will most likely have to wait till the week after next to do the actual move.
In between I have been visiting websites and online catalogues looking at office decorating and furniture ideas. As much as I want something really cool I also don't want to spend too much money on the office fit out - another lesson learnt from previous offices.
So I am on the lookout for cheaper options of designer office furniture.
Interestingly Ikea does seem to be the best option for office fit outs believe it or not.
Because the rage of desk tops and legs is just varied you can pretty much mix and match to get what you want. The only question is just how bad the quality actually is?
But hey I am in business to make money not to win awards for the office.
So on that comment back to worky I must get and earn some more money!