Do I really want to work?

It's Tuesday morning 7:15 am and I have a huge day ahead of me in training a client on an application we have written for them.

I just couldn't be bothered really.

I am so seriously lacking motivation at the moment or maybe it's just I need a good solid holiday or rest.

Or maybe I just need some new fresh goals!

My new workout was emailed to me last night by my trainer, I am kind of unsure what the program is supposed to be done in!

If I read this right I am supposed to do five workouts a week including two 40 minute cardio sessions?

Sheesh I didn't think I was that fat!

But if that's what he wants me to do I may as well put some energy and time into it.

I keep on meaning to take some pictures without my shirt on of the current state my body has dropped into. But after the comment the other day by a friend Heath that Gaydar is now filling up with pictures taken in mirrors with their iPhones showing I am kind of weirded out by taking a picture with my iPhone!

Anyway I should pull my finger out and get to the office so I can drop the puppy off and then get to the client's office.