My Body

As an important component of my new training regime, my trainer recommended that I get a DXA body scan, which is the absolute gold standard in measuring body fat and overall body composition.

The boy has his done about two months ago and I had mine done today.

Anything medical does my head in and going to a medical practice was anxiety ridden for me but well worth the anxiety and time!

You can cut and dice it anyway you want but knowing the EXACT details are a good thing.
So my body fat is 18.2% and my weight is 71.7 Kgs, apparently both are actually in the good range, although I have been advised to gain between 2.5 - 5kgs of lean muscle and overall get to about 75Kgs of weight.
Now before I went I estimated based on the 'pinch' test and the way I looked and felt that I was somewhere between 16 - 19% body fat.
So I have the start of a new program, I know where I am in terms of my body, now I need to set some goals with my trainer and then in about 6- 8 weeks I need to go back and have another one of the scans to see how my body is responding.
You know the most interesting thing is that I feel my tummy is really fat, but according to the scan my tummy fat is well within the optimum, doesn't that say something about my 'ideal' body shape!
Some really interesting facts about my body are:
Resting Metabolic Rate: 1767 kcal/day
Calorie Intake for weight maintenance 2430 kcal/day
Calorie intake for muscle gain 2200 kcal/day
all that means is that to just keep my body shape and put on no weight I shoudl only be eating about 1767 calories a day! My god I would almost die of starvation I think!

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