Politically Aligned Gays

With all the media attention about the co-founder of ManHunt donating money to McCain's Presidential campaign it really got me interested.

Now it turns out that the McCain Campaign has returned the money back saying they don;t want it.

Now there are a few important points that I want to highlight here:

It's OK to be gay and republican but only if you don't run a gay business?


Republicans don't don;t want money from gays?

It's everyones own inalienable right to choose who they support politically, of course you can choose to support someone who considers your 'lifestyle' to be abhorrent and unnatural.

That's your choice!

You know what?

It's even all the Manhunt members who do not support McCain's choice to cancel their memberships and ask for refunds. In fact so many of their members did the guy had to resign from the board.

But he still makes money from the company.

Personally I don't have a Manhunt profile but if I did I would cancel it in protest, because I don't want to be directly or indirectly supporting someone for a position of great power who believes I am a second class citizen.

I do so love the fallout from this, apparently the guy has had a TOTAL change of heart and since he got rejected by McCain he is now an Obama boy!