So I have decided to do it...

So after much thought and being called media whore (thanks :) I decided that yes indeedy meedy I will write a regular blog for the as yet to be named publishing group.

I will keep my name of Superdrewby, after all I have had it for so long it does feel like it is part of me.

However what bent to write I have not yet decided, I feel I want to write about stuff that gets me going, you know like the decline of the Gay Scene, the lack of excitement around Oxford Street, the de ghetto isation of the predominantly gay areas and my extreme love affair with chocolate.

Of which I have had no chocolate for a while, unless you count the Aussie Bodies Protein FX Caramel Fudge Bars I have.

But do they count as chocolate when they are actually healthy protein loaded workout snacks to help build my body back up to it's goldenness?

You tell me?

But anyway I am sure all in good time I will decide what is on my mind and start ranting and raving in my normal fashion.