Working Out again

For the last several weeks I have been seriously back at the gym. Having a trainer is fantastic although when I am not being trained by him and I see him around at the gym I feel a tad worried that he's going to look over at my lack of form and shake his head.

But that aside I have been consistently getting to the gym when I am supposed to.

After Gold's Gym closed in Darlinghurst a while back I couldn't decide whether I wanted to join Fuck me First (Fitness First) or City Gym.

But since the boy joined City Gym and the trainer doesn't do FF it was an obvious choice to join City Gym in the end.

My only complaint about City Gym is that it is often packed to the rafters and I can't get on machines when I want to or sometimes at all!

Last bight the cable cross overs where being used for half an hour by two different groups of people and I couldn't even work in!

How Rude.

The actual workouts my trainer have given me at first looked easy, although once I get into them they are brutal!

The concentration and effort required are enormous, but nothing compared to the muscle fatigue and soreness for the following three to four days.

Some days I can hardly type and keep my arms on the desk my arms have been so well worked out.

It's all good and I have set myself a goal of dropping at least 2% body fat by the end of September and staying about the same weight.

Whether this is achievable I don't know until I chat with my trainer, but in real terms it's a loss of 1.4 kgs of fat and a gain of 1.4% lean muscle.

But either way Sleaze ball is the first weekend in October and I want to have changed my body shape for this, and then again for my holiday overseas in late November and obviously for Summer!

So there we have some goals...