Another start to the week.

On the weekend we had a pretty busy couple of days being very social. We went to lunches, dinners and birthday parties and then on a Sunday morning decided to parachute into a recovery party after having slept all night!

It's always fun parachuting into a party in the middle of the festivities when everyone else is already drunk and having fun, you have a few options:

1) Just stay as you are for a while and then escape
2) Pace yourself and take time to reach the trashiness
3) Just jump right in and join in...

We were home by about 6pm last night and had some food then watched a movie....

The only one bad thing about yesterday was that I ate not one but three pieces of pizza! AND two fried chicken pieces, OH Woe is me!

But going home last night and wanting food there was not exactly a lot of bad unhealthy choices in the house anymore.

Most of the food we now have is very good for us with no junk food, no fatty foods etc.

It's a significant change from a few months ago where there was always some sort of chocolate or chocolate biscuit!

Anyway the week ahead is a very significant milestone for me, the product I mentioned some weeks back has now been majorly tested and we have done the initial user testing of the functionality, next we have to do the user testing of the 'message' and that's this week!

So I am very excited about this week because this is pretty much the last major step in delivery (let's just hope it doesn't take too long!)