As I type this

As I type this I am sitting at the dining table at home waiting while I update my largest clients website and eCommerce Platform which my company has written for them.

Tens of thousands of code, hundreds of hours of work and stress, and for my client millions of dollars in sales could all be totally fucked up if the update does not work!

I don't generally talk about my work on my blog, mainly because I am not necessarily sure who reads my blog and I would rather not get into some stuff in the open.

But this is such a momentous moment as the new software we wrote goes live, and there is nothing for me to do right this moment other than wait for the 300mb of files to be uploaded to the server and then configure.

Talking of work we have been very busy in the last year busier than ever before , but there is that underlying fear that as the economy slows all this great market share I have found will contract or collapse.

We are entirely re-tooling our business to address this with solid robust technical solutions made for mass deployment.

Sounds like word candy don't it!

However when we are ready I will for the first time spruik one of our products on my blog Why? Because I can and because I want to get the largest possible media outcome I can get!

Anyway the files are still uploading and I would say it's going to be at least another thirty minutes before I can start the configuration of the software on the server!

eeeeeeeek - this makes me nervous, really nervous!