Do Nothing Day

After yesterday's traipsing all over Town getting stuff done and then having friends for dinner last night. Today, Sunday will be a far slower day.

I think a good gym workout later in the day and most of the day spent watching TV and generally trying to relax.

It would have been fantastic to have spent the day outside, but unlike the amazing weather of yesterday, it's raining today!

This weather is quite weird!

And on the political front, Clover Moore got back in with a swing to her team away from Labour. In the rest of the state there has been a large swing from Labour to the Greens which I think is a significant state of the times.

Environmental 'ness' is all the range right now!

And talking of being environmentally sustainable we did pop by a vintage furniture store, Re-use and Recycle after all!
I am keen on finding an Arne Jacobsen Tulip Chair for downstairs. The boys is not convinced yet, but I feel the need for a chair opposite the sofas so when we have people over we can face them .

I want one in white leather which I realise is not quite the original style, but that's not the point!

The stunningly beautiful original we found was way out of my price range for an experiment in seating, that might not work of $11,200! It was stunning though!

They also had some lovely Saarin Tulip side tales with marble tops which I love for a little over double the replica prices! I know where I will be going to get my Saarin side table for upstairs!

Anyway I am off to be a couch potato for the day.