Documentary - The Trouble with Gay Men

In 2006 Simon Fanshaw produced a documentary called The Trouble with Gay Men which explored the hedonistic, drug taking lifestyle of the UK Gay Scene. All five parts are below for you to have a watch and consider.

I really suggest that you spend some time and then read my thoughts below and then add your own.

There are so many things right with this documentary and there are so many things wrong with it at the same time. I think to start with the statement that all the equality we as Gay Men seek has been afforded is total rubbish.

Yes in the UK there are civil unions and anti discrimination laws but there is still large scale opposition, violence and the UK Government wouldn't even give refugee status to Gay Guys who were going to be killed if they were forced back to IRAN.

I think this documentary is very very slanted towards the scene and the very small microcosm within the gay community who do take things to extremes. Yes there is a scary culture of destructive behaviour and this is a very big problem.

But to lump all gay men in with this is wrong, misleading and insulting.

If you look at any group of people gay or straight you will find extremes, in the straight community you can find the same sort of destructive behaviour.

I do agree that the gay scene is focused on 'image, youth and beauty', but so is the entire world! We are constantly bombarded with all sorts of images and messages encouraging us to find the gift of eternal youth, gay or straight it's the same.

So to call this a problem within the gay community is disingenuous and plain wrong.

The documentary is good but fatally flawed. Maybe if Simon Fanshaw did not come across as a slightly jealous old man who is now looking at something for which he does not belong to the message would be stronger.

Instead the documentary is a vehicle for which opponents if gay rights immediately latch on to and point their fingers at the gay community and their 'hedonistic self destructive lifestyles'.

Bottom line I do agree with the summation that many in the gay scene are going through a life of perpetual 'adolescence'. As I think the whole Gay Movement is at this moment.

We are stuck in between the ideals of the activist 1970's queers who advocate we be anti everything normalised, the don't give a fuck and then the people in the middle.

So - food for thought though

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