Gay Rights and Equality

Although the long list of changes have not yet been made nor have they passed the Australian Senate yet, Interviews like this by the Coalition's Senator Brandis are incredibly good.

The interview which was published in a Sydney Gay Rag basically says even if the Coalitions bid to include interdependent couples in the relationships bill they will still pass the bill.

What an amazing amazing step forward!

Just two years ago with John Howard in power this sort of equality was only a pipe dream!

The bill and all the legislation still have to be passed and it could be derailed or defeated by any of the loony right like Stuart Robert who I blogged on earlier in the week who used outdated and non scientific studies to oppose the same sex reforms.

But this is historic!

We have to be careful though, we get equality so what next?

I am serious part of the community that we have, as fractured and disparate as it is has a sense of objective and a common cause, but what happens when we no longer have a common cause that all of us can get behind?

First things first let's make sure the Senate passes the bill and it's not watered down with interdependent relationships!