How research can be twisted

A Study in the UK that looked at the links between depression, suicide and substance abuse and homosexuality has been twisted around by my favorite right wing bigots over at Lifesite.

The study looked at the relationship between anti gay feelings and depression.

The study quite scientifically concluded that the more a society was anti gay the more this affected someone who was gay in that society.

Lifesite however claims that it;s the act of being a homosexual that causes depression.


University of Minnesota researchers concluded the same thing as the UK study:

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have published a study showing that the degree of internalized homonegativity (negative attitude towards homosexuality) among homosexual men is what predicts poor mental and sexual health – not the act of being homosexual.


It just annoys me so much these bigoted Christians who don't get it. Every study done since the beginning of time proves if you treat someone poorly or negatively their self worth goes down, resulting in depression, suicide and substance abuse.

The Minnesota study conclusively debunks the prevalent right wing argument that it's the act of being gay and not societal forces which cause a much higher rate of depression in gay men.

Look we all know it's not easy being different when we are growing up and realise that rather then being interested int he opposite sex we are interested int he same sex, and that does cause confusion and depression - well it did for me anyway.

Especially since societies views at that time of my life were pretty negative towards homosexuality. It just annoys me that the bigots can be so bigoted and nasty to not even realise that they are the problem!