It's called a Condom People and it stops pregnancy and STDs

I am reading with growing hilarity the mess that McCain's running mate Sarah Palin's dysfunctional family is.

Teenage pregnancy is nothing new, it's a fact of life for so many families, ESPECIALLY when the only sex education these kids get is abstinence because that's the way God wants it.

Sex is only or procreation in a marriage right?

OH no wait a second if you are the daughter of the Republican nominee for Vice President it's OK for your 17 year old daughter to be off having unprotected sex with her high school boyfriend.

OMG people it's a Condom and it prevents pregnancy and STDS

If there was not a prime example that the abstinence sex ed programs do not work it is this.

But of course the right wing abstinence only people are just simply crowing that she made the right choice in not aborting the baby, which is such a distraction!

Let's get this in perspective, the political party which prides itself on it's high moral standards and no sex before marriage is embracing a family to potentially become their Vice President who seem to have no morals.

Let's hope this sinks the Mcain campaign entirely!