It's a few weeks in now

Apart from the sheer panic that is simmering beneath the surface at the moment I am also very focused on my new workouts.

Let's hope I don't need too much dental work that interrupts the training sessions - Yes I realise that this is slightly ridiculous but I am so focused right now and it's the best I have felt in ages.

Over the last few weeks I have been wearing my Polar Heart Rate monitor to try an optimise my workout.

At the start of every workout I do ten minutes of interval training on the rowing machine, or as I call it the vomit inducing torture device. Ten minutes of 30 second go for hell intervals and then 30 seconds of absolutely nothing.

I average about 186 bpm for this and more than once I have either thought I was about to pass out or about to throw up. It['s amazing how in ten simple minutes you can end up doling several hundred calories.

Then it's on to whatever workout you are doing for the session.

Thank god for muscle memory is all I can say

So anyway in my workouts I range from burning 585 calories (really wimpy workout) to 780 calories.

It's a really interesting measure of how much effort I put in on that session, and the calorie count really shows this.

The boy who has been hitting the gym really hard for the last few months has been getting great results, but has now just started to realise that the gym and getting / maintaining a good shape is not a 'sprint' but a long term marathon.

I know this because every time I workout for months and months then I lose interest and stop working out for a while.

For now I have a goal for the Sleaze weekend, then I have another one for the end of November when I go off to the US.

Then I don't know, maybe the gym just needs to be part of my every day 'normalcy' who knows!