It's getting noisier!

Saturday nights around the area seem to be getting noisier than I remember, more shouting more throwing of bottles and more police sirens.

I'm curious whether any of the 'changes' around the strip have actually had an impact.

Next weekend it's the local council elections and I am totally torn by which way to vote. There are three major options:

Keep Clover
Dump Clover and go with Shayne Mallard (Liberal)
Dump Clover and go with Meredith Burgman (Labour)

I have a problem with all three options really, Clover has pissed me off by not doing enough or simply giving lip service to the fixing of Oxford street. Her support for the World Youth Day State Government funding certainly got my back up.

But then she tempered this by digging her heals in over the funding for the rejuvenation of Hyde party after the event.

On the plus side for Clover she is not aligned with either major party and if we can lobby her well enough we mat get significant changes.

As much as I like Shayne Mallard and many of the issues he champions, I will not support a political party who has people like David Clarke and Alex Hawke, two exceptionally nasty right wing anti gay bigots in the Liberal Party (and these are just a few).

Now Meredith Burgman I have some respect for but State Labour at the moment is in a total mess and I think Local Council labour and State Labour would be too close to each other so let's keep a healthy distance from each other.

So that leaves voting for Clover not because I want to support her per se, but because I do not want the other options.


This political rant started all because of the increased noise and issues on Oxford street, which is a minor issue for the local council elections next week. I know there are far more pressing issues, like the over development of areas like the old CUB site down in Chippendale to the final design and development of the Bangaroo site on the harbours edge.

But Oxford street is my strip and it's my little baby.