Lack of Energy this week

I am severely lacking energy this week.

Last night at the gym was almost laughable, I could hardly lift anything and my muscles were so fatigued to begin with!

I have not been keeping exactly to the diet plan and so I think my body was just plain tired and hungry! I went straight home and had a dextrose and protein shake before heading out for dinner which certainly did take me from dead tired to chirpier.

As I was walking out of the gym my trainer walked in and asked me if I had a good workout to which my response was no. I must ask him whether I should take some dextrose / creatine etc before working out to give me some energy!

Anyway this week I only have legs left to do with my trainer on Friday and another cardio session which I intend to do tomorrow night.

Since the weather has improved and the sun rises earlier my internal body clock wakes me up earlier, well that and the light that enters the room.

Pretty much as soon as it's light my body just wakes me up and once I am even vaguely awake that's it. I can toss and turn for a while but will end up getting up and making coffee and starting the day.

Tonight we are off to the opening of the Art & Antique Fair which will be fun to see what's on offer. I am hoping for a good selection of twentieth century art and antiques, if you can actually call 20th century antique I am not sure!

And today puppy is at Doggy Day care, I have the web cam page in the background so I can take a peek every now and then at what's happening.

I love it!