Lacking Motivation

Do you ever have one of those days where you totally lack motivation?

Well I am having one of those days today.

For the last few months, no strike that, all of this year I have been tail up head down working hard to get everything done.

New products, revamped products and cutting out the chaff and noise in what we do. I work my way through lists upon lists upon lists of stuff to do without really thinking about finishing it all, because there are always tasks still to do.

My daily To Do lists have been short of late because the tasks have been quite large and onerous, or just plain mind numbingly detailed.

I think I need a day off where I don't work and I don't take any client calls, but what would I do on such a day?

At least the workouts are starting to pay dividends, although this week I am pretty much buggered and my trainer expects me to do 6 out of seven days working out.

Mainly because I missed legs on one occasion the week before last and he wants me to catch up.

Anyway I will struggle through the afternoon!