Right to be a Homophobe Upheld, but not incite violence

In a disturbing recent court decision in Queensland a Man was found guilty of inciting hatred against homosexuals by Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for displaying a bumper sticker which read:

Gay Rights? Under God's law the only rights gays have is the right to die."

In the 77 page report put down by the Tribunal they said that he had a right to be homophobic but not incite violence against gays.

You know I am a bit confused here and I realise there is a legal distinction, but when some screams anti gay abuse at me that's OK, but if they said Die Faggot Die, that may be inciting violence?

Personally I would have therefore thought ANY homophobic comments were directly or indirectly inciting violence.

Whilst I find part of this decision good, I find the rest of the decision startling and scary as it legally allows homophobic abuse.