Second trip to the dentist

Amazingly I went to the Dentist again this morning without having to take any anti anxiety medication. I took it with me just in case but from past experience sometimes just having the medication available is enough in these cases.

I had two teeth filled today, the one that had broken in half a few weeks back and one next to it. Next week I have to go back and have another three teeth filled.

But after the next visit I don't need to go back for at least six months for a normal clean and check up.

And you know what, I will damn well be going back every six months to make sure my teeth and gums are kept in a tip top condition.

One one of largest concerns has been that I will have to go to a Periodontist for my gums, but the Dentist seems to think that after a good clean my gums are actually healthy and I don't need to go to one!

Whilst there was virtually no pain whatsoever during the event, I do have a dull ache in my mouth and head this afternoon from where all the work was done.

The cost of course is a bit high for all of this even with private full comprehensive health insurance, we end up getting about 50% of the cost back. All I can say is thank freaking Christ I didn't need more extensive work or it would have been astronomically expensive.

I guess it just pays to brush and floss on a very regular basis and find yourself a dentist that you actually trust.

Now all I have to do is ask about teeth bleaching next week I am there, but I dare say that will be a next year thing LOL!