Six weeks in of focused work outs

It's now been six weeks of focused work outs, week five of the program with the new trainer and about 4 weeks since I did the DXA scan that showed I had 18.2 % body fat.

I weighed myself the other day and was slightly alarmed that my weight had gone up not down - Not that I need to lose weight as such, but I would have thought that my weight should have gone down.

Especially since I have cut out all fast food, junk food, and naughty snacks and have instead swapped them for such things as carrots, celery, protein bars, nuts and fruit and other vegetables.

The 'pinch test' and the belt buckle test all tell me that my waist is decreasing in size, but I am impatient, I want to know by how much and I have to wait for another couple of weeks before I do the next DXA scan.

I haven't been all that strict with the diet plan my trainer has given me, more so I have tried to reduce how much I eat in general and substitute foods.

The scary thing is a normal meal may only comprise say 150gm of meat / chicken or 200 gm Fish / seafood along with 1 - 2 cups of vegetables.

That's a tiny piece of meat let me tell you!

On my diet I am supposed to eat about 2300 calories a day and I must admit I do stop to calculate what I am eating.

Take today for instance:


Rolled Oats 150 calories
Skim Milk 25 calories
Honey 22 Calories
Raisins: 50 calories
Coffee with Skim Milk 25 Calories (no sugar)

Total: 272 Calories

Morning Tea:

Protein Bar 245 Calories
Mixed nuts: 50 Calories

Total 295 Calories

Total calories so far: 668 Calories which means I have about 1632 calories left in the day.

I am having sushi for lunch with a Friend today and the average Sushi box has about 330 calories in it so I will probably also have some sashimi to take it to about 450 calories for lunch.

This afternoon I will have a piece of fruit and some tuna and burgen bread for a snack which will be about 300 Calories, which leaves about 800 Calories for dinner out tonight with friends which means I will probably hit over the desired calories for today what with wine and dinner out, but since my average workout of which I will be doing one tonight burns about 700 - 800 calories I should be OK.

The biggest issue I have with weight loss and fitness is the alcohol and wine I drink most nights (every night). There are two issues with alcohol:

1) The Calories of wine are about 130 calories a glass (vodka is about 60 Calories)
2) Your body burns the alcohol first before burning fat and stops muscle growth.

As my trainer told me the results I could get if I were not drinking would probably be superb, but I want that balance in my life of drinking, eating and exercising.

I don't want to be only obsessed with my body I want to do all of this so I am healthy happy and balanced!

If you are interested I get all my calorie count information from

And yes I am slightly obsessed about getting my 6 pack back too!

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