This is confusing

I hate this site Lifesite, they are a right wing Christian website that is consistently anti gay. In an article about the introduction of the Same Sex Entitlements Bill, LifeSite claims that the bill would allow polygamous relationships.

Because the to be in a same sex relationship you could technically still be in a common law marriage.

So they claim that it legalises Islamic polygamy.

So now we see the new argument against same sex relationship equality, and it's breathtakingly xenophobic and irrelevant.

The issue of course of how the Government (and all legal and statutory bodies) recognise a same sex relationship is not yet full debated and set. The problem is that the we are not getting civil unions or any type of 'register' where we can legally join our relationship.

Because civil unions are too close for the conservatives to marriage we are getting a subjective view of what is or is not a relationship.

The arguments used against the bill are spurious, however it raises the issue of what is considered to a be a recognised de-facto same sex relationship will still be open to interpretation by the courts.

Whilst the bill is int he right direction does it really give us what we need without either a civil union or legally recognised relationship 'register'?