Why Sarah Palin must NEVER become Vice President

Sarah Palin must NEVER become Vice President, the women hold extraordinarily bigoted and dangerous views.

Forget about her opposition for a rape victim to have an abortion that's just bizarre.

Her Church where she has worshipped all of her life believes that gays can be converted to heterosexuality by the power of prayer.

This is horrible, all actual research confirms that all ex-gay ministries do is cause more psychological harm, increase the risk of suicide and doesn't actually get rid of same sex feelings it just tries to block them and replace them with prayer programmes.

Let's face it the replacement of Sex Ed classes with faith based abstinence programs certainly seems to have been successful in her own family haven't they!

If the Republicans win the election they could divert massive funding away (not that George Bush has not) from counselling services, awareness programs and give this money to faith based conversion programs.

I will be fair and say that as yet Sarah herself has not publicly stated her position, but her past actions in vetoing same sex equality legislation in Alaska has shown that she is not overly gay friendly.

She has in the past voiced opposition to providing equality for same sex couples but on the issue of conversion ministries we only have the policy of her church thus far.

Personally I don;t care if she says she does not support these things, she still supports organisations which do, which is akin to supporting the Nazi party but not supporting the policy of putting gays in concentration camps.

Extreme hatred and bigotry are not what the world and especially the United States people right now.