The seven week workout wrap up

I went for my seven week DXA scan to track my workout progress this afternoon.

I have definitely been feeling the effects of working out, my waist is much trimmer and I feel much better.

To recap though, last time I weighed about 70 kgs and had 18.2% body fat.

I estimated I would be about the same weight and would have somewhere between 15 - 17% body fat (I was hoping for about 16%).

The results have kind of thrown me though.

My weight is down to 68 kgs and I am about 17% body fat which roughly equates to losing 1kgs of fat and about 1kg of lean muscle.

This is not a particularly good result as I wanted to increase my muscle mass and decrease my fat.

So this afternoon when I see my trainer we will have to have a chat about the workouts and goals etc.

I think looking at the results, I need to cut the cardio almost entirely from the workouts apart from the sprints at the start of each workout. And my diet needs some serious tweaking too, with A LOT more protein than I have been having.

I truth we only just started to have protein shakes after a workout in the last two weeks and I have totally changed my diet so that I am eating much much less.

I feel rather disappointed but it's good to know that I have at least changed my shape and using the DXA scans I can tweak the work out and the diet.

At least I am looking good for sleaze ball this weekend!

The picture is the rest of the picture taken at a party a few weekends ago and I do look lean, I just would have like to have to have gained some muscle not lost it!
On the up side my resting heart rate has gone down to in the low 50s which means I am fit and healthy.