With all great things comes bad things, or so balance in life suggests.

With Obama being elected and the Democrats resoundingly trouncing the Republicans there has been some loss.

Proposition 8 was approved in California, banning Gay Marriage as it was in other states and in Arkansas it was made illegal for couples not married to adopt or foster children.

It shows that in America the colour of your skin is of less importance than who someone falls in love with.

You know I had hoped that at least in California Proposition 8 would have been defeated, but not even in California the most progressive state of the country still voted to confirm that marriage is between one man and one women.

Obviously the Democrats are friendlier to gay rights but do we know how more friendly?

For example at some stage the boy and I would like to work in the States, the boy works for a US company now and moving internally would be relatively a smaller issue. However for me to get a green card I would need to be sponsored by a company and that's a far more difficult issue.

There has been talk however of the Democrats recognising same sex partners of people moving the states for long term work.

But let's see what happens.

But forget about the personal issue, where does this leave gay rights in America or the world?

In Australia we are getting 'equal rights' in terms of having our relationships recognised but no civil unions etc.

What do we want? What do we NEED?

I am looking forward to seeing the biography on Harvey Milk soon, maybe this will help inspire us into pushing for change and pushing for all the equality issues.

The cute pic is Brent Corrigan from his blog campaigning to repeal Proposition 8.