Choose the Battles you can win

In a recent speech by the Leader of the Opposition Malcolm Turnbull to right wing religious groups in Canberra, Turnbull reiterated his support for both Abortion and the recognition of same sex relationships


This is essentially the same belief that Rudd has, Marriage is NO NO for same sex couples but full legal recognition is.

Now I have always been of the belief that we should fight or what we can achieve but I am starting to think maybe we should be aiming higher.

In the 1960's int he USA there was huge debate amongst the most gifted scientists and engineers in the world. They WERE rocket scientists and the argument was how do we put a man on the moon.

One group led by Werner Von Braun the gifted German Scientist thought they should build an orbiting 'space station' where craft could be launched from to Moon and beyond. It was audacious and long sighted.

The other group believed that the moon was the end goal and so they wanted to build a massive rocket that gradually shed itself to get to the moon and then by the time the Astronauts returned to the Earth they were in the tiniest part of the craft.

40 some years later with great hindsight we now look back on the 1960's space program and realised that in fact the path and goals chosen were limited.

Werner Von Braun was right when he said if they only aim for the moon they will only ever get the moon and the rest will be forgotten or simply not achieved.

My question is what do we actually want in terms of equality?

Marriage to me is still a religious statement, but without 'marriage' are our relationships equal?

And if we can move forward in the next few years with getting 'equality in legal status' what do we need to push for?

What is our message to be crafted to the public?

There are so many questions to be asked and so much still to be decided!