The fitness update

For the last 6 or 7 weeks I have been in stage two of my fitness plan.

This has been rather different than the first six weeks where I almost killed myself doing cardio (and probably more cardio than I should have).

I have still done cardio but not nearly at the level I had done before.

We also (my trainer and I ) suggested that I eat much much more and take large amounts of extra protein and creatine.

I have been taking:

Every Morning 25 grams Waxy Maize and 15gms Creatine
Mid Morning Protein Bar
Afternoon 45gms of Protein Shake
2 hours before working out 15gms creatine and 25 gms Waxy Maize
after workout 45gms protein and 50 gms waxy maize

And every lunch time a white rice and chicken stir fry

You would think I would get fat on all of this in addition to dinner and other snacks, but no.

I have lost 2kgs of fat and gained just over 2kgs of lean muscle!

I am now down to 14% body fat!

Moving forward I will continue with these but I will also pull some Tribulis in the mix to try and increase the muscle gain.

The problem is tomorrow I go away on holidays for two weeks, so no creatine and I will have to substitute a protein shakes for protein bars and no waxy maize!

And I will not be working out at any intensity most likely.

It was suggested that I try to do one all over body workout a week and at least 3 20 minute interval training cardio sessions a week to maintain what I have and to stop any extra spread from holiday food.

All during this last six weeks I have been worried that I would get fat eating so much, but it's amazing that in fact I have got lean and lost muscle!

Well as Jarrod from the DXA scan said the next issue I have to do is increase both my weight and lean muscle.

He also indicated that it was likely that I was nearing the end of natural fat loss now and the real next step is mainly lean muscle growth.

I am happy with the results this far let's just keep going!

And I have to say the use of the DXA scan which shows exactly just what is and is not working is fantastic! Without the scan I would have assumed I was losing weight not gaining muscle and losing fat!