It's Monday Morning

Every week Monday morning seems to creep up on me.

I look back at the week and just wonder where the hell the weekend went and more importantly just how much workload is there to get done during this week.

I have been pretty silent on my fitness programs of late, mainly because as my workload increases I have had less time to do things like Blog.

Rest assured I am still on my fitness push and I have my next DXA scan in about two and a bit weeks.

Though this time round I have added in Creatine, Waxy Maize and lots of protein to the food intake mix which will hopefully mean that I have put on a lot more muscle mass than before.

AND I have been eating more in general.

My last training session with the trainer has left my poor legs feeling so sore on Saturday and Sunday I could hardly get in and out of the car.

But that's the reason I pay him, to push me to really make inroads into my fitness.

It's now only two a half weeks till we go away on holidays and I am starting to feel the extreme pressure now. Only two and half weeks to finish not just the work I have on now which is a tough call anyway.

To getting all the new media and marketing campaigns all up and running as well.

I really need a 'partner' in the business I have decided, it's really the only solution moving forward I think. I need someone who will have as much passion and energy as I do about the business. But also someone who I can work on a strategy together and then they can move forward with the strategy.

Anyway It's almost 8 am and I should be showering, shaving and out the door!