I met Todd Goldman

The random of random events that are my life sometimes are truly astonishing.

Tonight in LA Bryan and I were having dinner before going to the airport to catch my flight back home.

As we drove down past the pacific design center Bryan joked that he would not do an illegal u turn in the road and would go the long way round.

This way was right by the Pop Art Gallery which sells one of my fave artists todd Goldmans work,

As we were driving by I saw some guy moving paintings on the wall and I asked Bryan what Todd looked like since hevhad met him before and in a moment of siliness said let's stop and see if it was him.

So we parked and knocked on the door and guess what ...

It was him

The boy and i had almost bought one of his works the week before but decided not too.

Bryan asked if be could take a picture and todd was totally not into a picture, to deflect off a picture he instead offered a signed book.

Which as we were talking he instead did an entire personalized artwork in the cover of a book with trendy wendy and quarterback fucking.

So instead of a painting I ended up with a personal art work just for me and got to meet the artist too .

Now how random and cool is that!

I will post a picture when I am back I am on the iphone waiting for my flight back to home.

Thanks Bryan