My Last Day in LA

I am siting here in my suite of the Sunset Tower, one of Hollywood's most famous landmarks on the last day of my holiday away.

This holiday has been such a mix of up and down emotions.

On the one hand it's been fantastic to be away and have a holiday, but there has been a real undercurrent of stress on the whole time away.

I have had to work most days at least a few hours and the boy has had some significant stress as well.

But nothing can take away the beauty of this day in LA, the sun is shining and it's quite warm for a mid December day, very unlike San Jose and SF which were both quite cold!

Through a mix up I would have been staying with my friends in LA last night, but by the time they had got back to me in between their hectic schedules I had already booked a hotel.

Whilst the hotel was great I would have liked to have stayed with the boys :)

I saw Milk last night with the boys and it was fascinating watching a movie of somewhere I had just been (Castr0). I am intending to write a full post on Milk and what I thought about it later

But for now I am going to finish getting ready, have a shower and check out!